Ernest Hemingway once wrote a book in only six words.  “For sale: Baby shoes.  Never worn.”  Words have power, and sometimes more isn’t necessarily better.  This blog began as a project of “six word stories,” an attempt to put events and emotions into six simple words.  Since then, it has grown, past six word stories and on to other preoccupations.  Thoughts, discussions, and other bits and pieces of writing that I want to share with others.  By no means do I feel this diminishes the point of the blog; rather, it gives me more freedom to express myself, whether it be in three, six, or maybe even twelve words.


– K



2 Replies to “About”

    1. Thanks so much, Mike! It’s hard for me to get it down sometimes, but it really helps get at the core of things & find the simplicity there. 🙂

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